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Traffic Server


Component Lead Description
Build Build system issues.
Cache Things related to the RAM and disk caches
CI Jenkins CI and other CI tools
CK++ psudaemon Phil Sorber Concurrency Kit in C++
Cleanup Various cleanup tasks, make the code smaller / cleaner / easier to maintain.
Clustering Clustering module
Configuration Configuration system, config files etc.
Console Administration console
Cop traffic_cop related issues
Core Random place holder for all "core" related bug (please refine as necessary).
CPP API briang Brian Geffon The C++ wrapper APIs for plugin development
DNS All DNS and DNS caching related code and bugs, including hostdb
Documentation All documentation issues
HostDB HostDB issues
HTTP Issues related to HTTP protocol and state machine.
HTTP/2 HTTP/2 Issues
ICP Internet Cache Protocol
Logging Everything related to logging.
Lua Lua APIs, plugins and utility
Management API All things related to the management APIs (both local and remote).
Manager The manager process and functionality.
Metrics Statistic relates components.
MIME Anything related to MIME, header parsing, well-known string (WKS), etc
Network Network components or related bugs
Packaging Packaging and startup scripts etc.
Parent Proxy All code and configs around parent proxy and selection
Performance Performance related issues
Plugins Plugin related stuff.
Portability Bugs related to cross platform portability.
Remap API Remap API is an alternative API to InkAPI, usable with remap rules.
Security Security related issues.
SPDY SPDY 1/2/3/<n>
SSL Any code and bugs related to SSL, but not "security" bugs.
Tests All tests and regressions and such tools
Tools Various tools and command line utitlies
TProxy amc Alan M. Carroll Transparent Proxying
TS API TSAPI interfaces, hooks and other plugin API related issues.
tsqa QA test harness and libraries
Web site mlibbey Miles Libbey Bugs related to the Wiki web site