Issues related to HTTP protocol and state machine.

Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Bug TS-464 Chunked response with bad Content-Length header to HTTP/1.0 client is broken
Bug TS-467 Proxy should not forward request headers that matches a Connection token
Bug TS-468 We MUST respond with a 417 if we cannot meet an expectation

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Improvement TS-1979 Investigate body factory and its use of malloc()
Improvement TS-2888 Fix build_error_response() to not take a vararg and perhaps not even a format
Improvement TS-3693 Move 100-continue logic to read client header for intercept plugins

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased 4.2.4  
Unreleased 5.2.2  
Unreleased 5.3.1  
Unreleased 5.3.2  
Unreleased 6.0.0
Unreleased 6.0.1  
Unreleased 6.1.0
Unreleased 6.1.1  
Unreleased 6.2.0
Unreleased 6.2.1  
Unreleased 7.0.0
Unreleased 8.0.0  
Unreleased sometime  
Unreleased Docs  
Unreleased Infrastructure  
Unreleased 6.3.0  
Unreleased 5.1  

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