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Traffic Server does not ship any documentation


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      A major problem for ATS to the unskilled user as of today is, there is no on-line documentation besides the (somewhat scarce) information from the home page is available. In particular ATS misses

      • first of all: man pages
      • Description of command line switches (if any), including an interactive help, e.g. the common "h/-help" switch.
      • Description of the used environment, e.g. $TS_ROOT where applicable.

      I think this would be an important release goal for the 3.0 release since that branch is intended for productive use, not by developers. If someone provides me the information or has all needed information in a written form, I could assist to provide man pages.

      I'm aware there is some documentation for traffic_shell commands. I'm unsure if the documentation there reflects the most recent development and is generally up to date. If it is still suitable for ATS as of today, it should be merged with any newly created documentation. As a remark: I remember there was some discussion in the past, where to install the man pages because of the rather generic names, for example "enable", "disable", "exit", ...


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