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tr:panelPopup extend title bar functionality


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.0.2-core
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      I would like to propose the following new features on the tr:panelPopup with regards to the title bar:

      1) support a "title" facet. This can be used instead of the title attribute so that more complex HTML code can be added to the title bar than just text

      2) support the ability to optionally render the close button (regardless of modality).

      • User can provide their own link to close a modal dialog
      • User can have the close button on non-modal dialogs (to make it obvious to users who don't realize you can just click outside of the dialog to close it)

      3) Minimize button in the title bar that could put the dialog into a corner of the browser, only displaying the title bar and not the contents. Would not apply to modal dialogs.

      4) Maximum button (and corresponding restore button) in the title bar that would mark the dialog's size to be that of the document body's clientWidth and clientHeight

      5) Drag support on the title bar for users to re-position the dialog on the page


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