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Move the defaulting of the focusRowKey attribute for the TreeTable component to the renderer



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      The Trinidad TreeTable is limited to a single root node. The root node that is displayed by the TreeTable is indicated by the focusRowKey attribute of TreeTable. When no focusRowKey attribute is specified, TreeTable defaults the focusRowKey to the first node in the tree model. This defaulting of the focusRowKey attribute is done in a package scoped method (__init()) of the UIXTreeTable class. Since there is no hook for subclasses of UIXTreeTable to override the defaulting of the focusRowKey attribute, the subclasses are also limited to a single root node (if they use the same focusRowKey logic to display the root node.)

      The proposal is to move the defaulting of the focusRowKey attribute out of the UIXTreeTable component and into the renderer. This allows subclasses of UIXTreeTable to handle a null focusRowKey and display multiple root nodes.

      This patch includes this change. Also currently both Tree and TreeTable initially expand the focusRowKey node. This initial expansion was also being done in the component. This patch moves the initial expansion of the focusRowKey node into the renderer.


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