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      As discussed in this MyFaces core issue:

      MYFACES-3036 Support SKIP_ITERATION FacesContext property

      The JSF-314 EG (and members of Mojarra and MyFaces) agreed to use the "javax.faces.visit.SKIP_ITERATION" FacesContext property (during the 2.0 timeframe) to indicate that a tree visit should not trigger iteration in iterating components like UIData/UIRepeat. Opening this issue to request that iterating Trinidad components (UIXIterator, UIXCollection) honor this property as well.

      Note that Trinidad already handles this centrally in UIXComponent.visitChildren:

      // determine whether this visit should be iterating. If it shouldn't, don't
      // even call the protected hook. We currently don't iterate during the
      // restore view phase when we are visiting all of the components.
      boolean noIterate = (visitContext.getIdsToVisit() == VisitContext.ALL_IDS) &&
      (context.getCurrentPhaseId() == PhaseId.RESTORE_VIEW);

      doneVisiting = (noIterate)
      ? uixParentComponent._visitAllChildren(visitContext, callback)
      : uixParentComponent.visitChildren(visitContext, callback);

      This issue is requesting that we enhance the above "noIterate" test to also check the SKIP_ITERATION property.


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