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      Antora divides content at the highest level into components, each present in 1...n versions. This is reflected directly in the site organization: roughly speaking, you look at one component-version at a time, and navigation is restricted to that component-version.

      Some of the current content is clearly versioned as under 8, 7.1, or 7, and some is not versioned.  Antora has the ability for a component to appear unversioned.  

      • Should there be a separate component with unversioned content? This could be general unchanging information about TomEE.  At the moment I've put the content from tomee-site into tomee version 0.0 and that from tomee-site-generator into tomee version 0.1. Some sort of decision needs to be made about how much of this existing unversioned content should be maintained (or if it should be in the versioned docs) and how much currently-versioned documentation should be moved to unversioned.  Unless there's feedback I expect to move the unversioned content to a separate unversioned component.
      • I've put the examples content into a separate component.  I think this is clearer.
      • How many versions of the example documentation should appear?  At the moment I have only the 8.0 examples documentation, separated into language versions.  Is it better to also have this for 7.1 and 7.0 or would this create more bulk and confusion with little user benefit?  Unless someone speaks up I'm going to continue with only the 8.0 examples documentation.

      A component (version) may also be subdivided into modules, and a module may have directory structure.  The "default" module name is "ROOT".  For instance, in my fork, the pages under "admin" are currently in the ROOT module under "admin" topic.  Alternatively they could be in the "admin" module.  I plan to leave this level of organization too later.




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