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Connections in ConnectionPool are not replaced in background when underlying channel is closed



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    • 3.4.1
    • 3.5.0, 3.4.9
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      Hi Tinkerpop team!


      We are using the Gremlin Java Driver to connect to an Amazon Neptune cluster. We are using the IAM authentication feature provided by Neptune, which means that individual websocket connections are closed by the server every 36 hours, when their credentials expire. The current implementation of the driver does not handle this situation well, as the Connection whose channel has been closed by the server remains in the ConnectionPool. The connection is only reported as dead and replaced when when it is later chosen by the LoadBalancingStrategy to server a client request, which inevitably fails when the connection attempts to write to the closed channel.

      A fix for this bug would cause the connection pool to be automatically refreshed in the background by either the keep-alive mechanism, which should replace a connection if a keep-alive request fails, or by adding a listener for the close frame being sent to the underlying channel to replace the connection. Without a fix, the only way to recover from a stale connection is to retry the request at the cluster level, which will allow the request to be directed to a different connection.

      I noticed a PR out for the .NET client to fix this behavior: https://github.com/apache/tinkerpop/pull/1279. We are hoping for something similar in the Gremlin Java Driver.




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