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Component Lead Description
building Building Tiles, snapshots, releases, assemblies.
site Site of the Tiles Framework and its modules.
tiles-api The Public Tiles API
tiles-compat Tiles 1.x compatibility
tiles-core The core implementation of the tiles api.
tiles-el EL (Expression Language) support.
tiles-extras greddin Greg Reddin Extra components for Tiles
tiles-freemarker FreeMarker integration.
tiles-jsp (jsp support) Tiles support of JSP view environment, such as custom tags and utilities.
tiles-mvel MVEL language support.
tiles-ognl OGNL language support.
tiles-portlet greddin Greg Reddin Tiles portlet support
tiles-portlet-wildcard Wildcard file loading in Portlets.
tiles-servlet greddin Greg Reddin Tiles servlet support
tiles-servlet-wildcard Wildcard file loading in Servlets
tiles-template greddin Greg Reddin Common code for templating technologies supported by Tiles (JSP, FreeMarker, Velocity).
tiles-test Framework Project: Tiles Selenium Tests
tiles-velocity Velocity support.