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[Dependency] Unsafe Dependancy Resolution in com.beust:jcommander 1.35



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        1. Third party component with known security vulnerabilities
          ent-search-master/script/vendor_jars > Jars.lock > com.beust:jcommander@1.35
        2. Overview

      [com.beust:jcommander](https://github.com/cbeust/jcommander) is a Command line parsing framework for Java.

      Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Unsafe Dependancy Resolution
      due to resolving dependencies over an insecure channel (http).

      If the build occurred over an insecure connection, a malicious user could have perform a Man-in-the-Middle attack during the build and alter the build artifacts that were produced.
      In case that any of these artifacts were compromised, any developers using these could be altered.

      *Note:* In order to validate that this artifact was not compromised, the maintainer would need to confirm that none of the artifacts published to the registry were not altered with. Until this happens, we can not guarantee that this artifact was not compromised even though the probability that this happened is low.

      We have chosen to alert on this issue when maintainers either decided to issue CVEs themselves, or in cases when maintainers decided against performing audits on there build to verify they had not been compromised.

        1. Remediation

      Upgrade `com.beust:jcommander` to version 1.75 or higher.

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