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Add configuration layer to configure, Parsers default configurable properties.

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      In several conditions, we want to change the default tika configuration, for some specific parsers, to change the behaviour of libraries/components wrapped in the parsers.

      Currently, the ParseContext class allows, for means of passing this default configuration.

      Add means, to load from a configuration database/files default configuration to override, currently hard coded, defaults.

      E.g. #TIKA-640, there are no means to change the defaults, by means of configuration files, with out having to change, tika source.

      • Sugestion
      • Add a ParserConfigurationFactory, to delegate configuration loading, to a database/property based file etc.
      • Allow for configuration factory instance to be configured via file, like tika-config.xml for Parsers.

      interface ParserConfigurationFactory {

      • Create or fille the given ParseContext with the default configuration for the parser class...
        <P extends Parser> ParseContext getDefaultConfig(Class<P> class, ParseContext ctx);

      Replace when creating a ParseContext, by

      ParseContext ctx = ParserConfigurationFactorySingleton.getSingleton().getDefaultConfig(...) ...

      Filling the configuration, given a set of properties, could be done via a class <ParserName>ConfigBuilder that know how to build and set the configuration properties in specific objects (such as MimeConfig), related to 3rd party external libraries ...

      Best regards,


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