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Component Lead Description
.NETCore - Compiler
.NETCore - Library
AS3 - Compiler
AS3 - Library
Build Process issues related to the build process
C glib - Compiler
C glib - Library
C# - Compiler
C# - Library
C++ - Compiler
C++ - Library
Cocoa - Compiler
Cocoa - Library
Compiler (General) General issues with the Thrift compiler.
D - Compiler
D - Library
Dart - Compiler markerickson-wk Mark Erickson
Dart - Library markerickson-wk Mark Erickson
Delphi - Compiler jensg Jens Geyer
Delphi - Library jensg Jens Geyer
Deployment issues related to the Thrift Deployment (e.g. maven, rpm, debian, windows binary, etc.)
Erlang - Compiler
Erlang - Library
Go - Compiler
Go - Library
Graphviz - Compiler
Haskell - Compiler
Haskell - Library
Haxe - Compiler jensg Jens Geyer
Haxe - Library jensg Jens Geyer
HTML - Compiler
Java - Compiler bryanduxbury Bryan Duxbury
Java - Library bryanduxbury Bryan Duxbury
JavaME - Compiler
JavaME - Library
JavaScript - Compiler tjake T Jake Luciani
JavaScript - Library tjake T Jake Luciani
JSON - Compiler
Lua - Compiler
Lua - Library
Node.js - Compiler
Node.js - Library
OCaml - Compiler
OCaml - Library
Perl - Compiler tjake T Jake Luciani
Perl - Library tjake T Jake Luciani
PHP - Compiler
PHP - Library
Python - Compiler
Python - Library
Ruby - Compiler bryanduxbury Bryan Duxbury
Ruby - Library bryanduxbury Bryan Duxbury
Rust - Compiler allengeorge Allen George
Rust - Library allengeorge Allen George
Smalltalk - Compiler
Smalltalk - Library
Swift - Compiler
Swift - Library
Test Suite
Tutorial issues related to the Thrift tutorial
TypeScript - Library
Website everything related to the Thrift web site and the Thrift Wiki
Wish List
XML/XSD - Compiler bcg Benjamin Gould new XML compiler (XSD about to become deprecated and/or merged into this)