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Ruby BufferedTransport not safe for reuse after reading corrupted input



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    • Originally observed with Thrift 0.9.3 on Linux with Ruby 2.3.4, but have also reproduced on Mac OS X with Thrift 0.10.0.

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      We've experimented with the Ruby BufferedTransport class as a wrapper around the HttpClientTransport class, and found that we were getting clusters sporadic Thrift::ProtocolException errors in Ruby client processes after network issues caused corruption of some Thrift response bodies.

      Using a bare HttpClientTransport makes these issues disappear.

      For a given service, we retain a long-lived protocol instance (CompactProtocol in our case), which in turn holds a reference to a long-lived BufferedTransport instance.

      The problem seems to stem from the case where the Thrift client is interrupted (e.g. by a Ruby timeout exception) before consuming to the end of the @rbuf instance variable in BufferedTransport, leaving @index pointing to the middle of the read buffer, and meaning that when the transport is re-used upon the next service call, the BufferedTransport continues reading where it left off in the old buffer, rather than calling through to the wrapped HttpClientTransport to read the new response obtained from the last call to #flush.

      Now I know Timeout is fundamentally unsafe in Ruby and can lead to all kinds of issues like this, but I've also found that this same issue can be triggered by another fairly plausible scenario: if the Thrift service returns a well-formed Thrift response but with N extra bytes of garbage tacked onto the end, then the next N following service calls through the same BufferedTransport instance will fail with a Thrift::ProtocolException, as the BufferedTransport will continue attempting to read the left-over bytes in @rbuf.

      The naive solution seems like it would be to just reset @rbuf from #flush.


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