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Remove MSVC C++ projects to improve maintainability; document building Thrift on Windows using CMake to generate project files



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      A class of issues has popped up where the project files checked into the project have become stale and/or the instructions for building on windows need to be updated.

      These issues are linked to this item. The purpose of this story is to eliminate these issues by getting rid of the project files checked into the project for windows (C++ specifically) and to update the web site documentation on how to build the thrift libraries for windows (native, not MinGW - those instructions will remain as-is).

      Acceptance Criteria:

      1. Instructions for, and supporting tools (if any) are provided by the project. This must include support for:
        1. Compiler executable builds in debug and release form
        2. Static library builds in debug and release form (due to DLL export issues, windows builds do not support dynamic library generation today)
        3. Support for optional library support like zlib, libevent, boost, std (threads)
        4. Support for MSVC 2010 or later
        5. Support for CMake 3.6 or later
      2. MSVC project files for C++ are removed from the project.


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