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Exception swallowed in PipelinedSorter causing incorrect results



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      I've run into a potentially serious issue with yarn-tez mapreduce.

      We've recently moved from using classic mapreduce on hadoop 1.0.3 to using Tez, and a user noticed a data inconsistency in some results calculated via yarn-tez.

      On investigation, I've determined that an error occurred during key deserialization while sorting.

      In this case, PipelinedSorter.SpanMerger.ready() caught the resulting ExecutionException, logged the message (though it should really be logging the stack trace as well), and returned false. PipelinedSorter.spill() interpreted the returned false as an empty spill and continued with no indication that an error occur. This resulted in data that existed in the sort buffer after the error record being lost.

      I suspect that there may also be an error somewhere else in the sort code that is causing buffer corruption (or index corruption), since we've been using this mapreduce code for years and have never seen a deserialization error here; however, I can't confirm that there isn't a subtle error on our side.

      In any case, the fact that Tez is silently swallowing errors is a critical issue for us, as we can't trust the results it produces.


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