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Apache Taverna


Component Lead Description
Taverna Command-line Tool Command line for running Taverna workflows
Taverna Common Activities Common activity implementation for engine (e.g. WSDL, REST, Tool, Interaction)
Taverna Databundle Viewer Web-based viewer of Taverna databundles
Taverna Engine Taverna workflow engine
Taverna Language API for workflow definitions (SCUFL2) and workflow inputs/outputs (DataBundle)
Taverna Maven Parent Maven/build
Taverna Mobile Mobile Android app interfacing Taverna Server
Taverna OSGi OSGi-based plugin system
Taverna Plugin Bioinformatics Plugin for bioinformatics-specific activities
Taverna Plugin Component Plugin for component activity and registry
Taverna Plugin GIS Plugin for integrating Geographical Information Systems
Taverna Server A REST and WSDL service for running Taverna workflows
Taverna Workbench Graphical workbench for editing and running Taverna workflows
Taverna Workbench Common Activities Common activities UI (discovery+configuration for Workbench
Taverna Workbench product Distribution of Taverna Workbench
Website Website and documentation