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Progress report from executeworkflow.sh

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      March Poch points out to taverna-users on 2011-12-19:

      The "progress report" is very important for long lasting workflows and it helps detect bottlenecks (slow components inside the workflow). I like that it can be easily copied from the workbench with CTRL+C and pasted into a text file, xls, etc. and I like it's not a complex xml. That could be interesting for automatic processing however I would always want the simple table.

      The problem is that progress report cannot be retrieved when running the command line product, which is in fact the most interesting solution for long lasting executions. In that case I would put the command line tool on a server to run heavy workflows if I could get the progress report easily (not database solution). I know that the Taverna server could fix this issue and I hope its next release will be more usable than the previous one.

      Another nice improvement for the command line would be to get some feedback to the user about what is going on... simply to know that the program is not hung. Some iteration number would be great (like the workbench output iterations by default).

      So an ideal solution would be to get out a CSV-like or column-based table that looks like the current Progress Table.


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