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XML splitters incorrectly handling arrays in results



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      Using the WSDL processor against services such as EBIs ChEBI service
      at http://www.ebi.ac.uk/webservices/chebi/webservice?wsdl - as reported by Sirisha Gollapudi to taverna-users on 2007-11-14, returns the wrong outputs from the XML splitter:

      I'm trying to develop a really simple workflow using the ChEBI service
      at http://www.ebi.ac.uk/webservices/chebi/webservice?wsdl. The workflow
      takes a ChEBI identifier and returns only the synonyms for that
      particular entity. I have attached the workflow that I thought should
      work - problem is that as well as retrieving synonyms it also includes
      data from IupacNames, Formulae, RegistryNumbers and DatabaseLinks.

      I've attached an example workflow which should make the above make more
      sense. It isn't an issue with Taverna as such but if anyone has time to
      try out the workflow and perhaps shed some light I'd be grateful -
      perhaps I'm doing something odd with XML Splitters?

      The XML splitter does not seem to pick up only the desired elements when it is of an array (ie. more than one element is allowed by the Schema), and instead also return all of it's siblings, even if they don't have the correct element name.


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