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GSOC: Update usagerecord to GFD.204



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      This is a project idea for Google Summer of Code (GSOC). To discuss this or other ideas with your potential mentor from the Apache Taverna project, sign up and post to the dev@taverna list, including "[GSOC]" in the subject. You may also comment on this Jira issue if you have created an account.

      taverna-server-usagerecord is based on the XML Schema in Open Grid Forum specification GFD.98 which defines the namespace http://schema.ogf.org/urf/2003/09/urf

      The newer version from Open Grid Forum is GFD.204 - specifying Usage Record Format 2.0 in namespace http://schema.ogf.org/urf/2013/04/urf

      (Not relevant: for some reason both namespace URLs give 404 Not Found)

      It might be worth considering updating to URF 2.0 as it supports more "cloud-like" properties etc.

      I've already added the JAXB bindings to the package org.apache.taverna.server.usagerecord.xml.urf2 - note that for OGF license reasons we can't bundle the URF schema in our git repository - but these derived JAXB annotations are OK (given the NOTICE entry).

      This task is to consider the effect of updating the usage of the older org.apache.taverna.server.usagerecord.xml.urf and the convenience org.apache.taverna.server.usagerecord.JobUsageRecord – these are being created and exposed by taverna-server-webapp in various places.

      Note that REST API wise this might be a breaking change if done as a replacement, as the XML namespace and several element names and attributes have changed since URF 1.0. We can consider this to be OK, or do URF 2.0 as an additional exposure instead.

      Potential mentor: Stian Soiland-Reyes




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