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Add getRowCount() to ITableModel interface


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      All classes that implement ITableModel already have a getRowCount() method. It would be useful to call this method from subclasses of AbstractTableViewComponent, which can access the underlying ITableModel through ITableModelSource.getTableModelSource().getTableModel().

      My specific use case is a "PageInfo" component included in a custom Table component that displays something along the lines of "Viewing items x - x of xx." Because any combination of "source" and "columns" parameters to a TableView component results in an AbstractTableModel (which defines getRowCount() as protected), I currently cast getTableModelSource().getTableModel() to an AbstractTableModel and use reflection to call getRowCount(). This works for the range of data sources I currently use with TableView, but is obviously an ugly hack.

      Adding getRowCount() to ITableModel would require the following additional changes:
      1. Make getRowCount() in AbstractTableModel public.
      2. Mage getRowCount() in BasicTableModelWrap public.
      3. Make getRowCount() in SqlTableModel public.

      I am aware that repeated calls to getRowCount() could create performance issues, especially for database-backed table models such as IBasicTableModel. However, caching the row count can be handled easily in an IBasicTableModel class and is outside the scope of the Table components anyway.

      If a change to the ITableModel interface is considered too radical in the near term, a workaround would be to change the access modifier of AbstractTableModel.getRowCount() from protected to public. This would provide easy access to getRowCount in most cases.


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        Is there any reason not to make this change? It would be great to get some feedback...

        Ryan Holmes added a comment - Is there any reason not to make this change? It would be great to get some feedback...
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