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theres no javascript lifecycle for components rendered using the ajax rewind.


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    • Affects Version/s: 4.1
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      windows xp, maven 2, tapestry 4.1 snapshots, 2gb ram, ie/firefox


      I might be missing something, but..

      A component gets a guarantee of proper initialization because the javascript (typically employed through the Script component) gets a chance to intialize in the <initialization> block of a .script file for a standard request/response cycle, ie, window.onload.

      Making use of the EventListener annotation reveals a new problem: components rendered for the first time during the render cycle from an ajax request dont get that same guarantee, whcih effectively makes a lot of components non ajax freindly (think javascript heavy components like fck editor or even tapestry's pallette component) by default even if they dont need to be.

      Suggested remedies are:

      1. extend the initialization block to all components even if theyre rendered dynamically. if youve contributed code to the initialization block of a script file then it should be invoked for any component rendered in an ajax request. This approach might break code that for some reason or another does things which can only work during onload and not afterwards. I cant imagine such a situation.. if youre setting properties on newly created objects or connecting even listeners or even adding nodes to something that should all be equally applicable to objects created before onload as objects created after a tags innerHTML has been updated through AJAX.

      2. if however the above approach might theoretically break existing components, an even simpler solution (a pain in the arse, and it would render any useful components a company might have non -useful for ajax until its updated...), but sitll definitely doable is to modify te .script file and its DTD to honor a new section (something like <ajax-initialization> </ajax-initialization>)

      I prefer the first approach as it would transparently make all components and their embedded .script files useful in an ajax context. The second approach would be OK I suppose, but would fragment the component "market" needlessly into an even bigger schizm: tap3, tap4, tap4 + ajax.




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