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Switch Tapestry's built-in JavaScript support from Prototype to jQuery


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      Like rats deserting a sinking ship ...

      This is not a definitive requirement; I've created this issue to promote discussion.

      It's quite likely that a move like this could be accomplished quite smoothly for users who are meerly consumers of JavaScript components; authors of JavaScript components would have to make some changes.

      Possibly we should code the jQuery stack from the get-go to NOT use the $() method, but instead use j$(). That extra character to type could make all the difference is allowing a smooth upgrade, where jQuery becomes the default, but prototype/scriptaculous can still be used.

      Possibly a new annotation, @PrototypeSupport for components to ensure that the Prototype libraries are available for compatibility?


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        Comment [ There's no rationale for having Java developers dictating what Javascript framework front end developers should be using. Surely the way forward is to decouple the two to allow developers to plug in ANY framework they want into Tapestry.

        Prototype is not the best framework out there. I suspect Java developers only picked Prototype because it uses the word 'Class' which give them a warm fuzzy feeling. ]
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