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Provide configuration to move links to JavaScript libraries to the top of the page



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      We've had a discussion about the Javascript issue here:

      Currently Tapestry puts Javascript on the bottom of the page. This will make the page look like it loads faster, because the browser can start rendering the page before the Javascript libraries are loaded.

      It is quite common however if you want your page to work without Javascript, that you render out full HTML and then use Javascript to hide parts on the client before the page renders. This way everything is visible to people that don't have Javascript enabled in their browser, but people with Javascript will get a better user-experience.

      Currently the result is messy because you see the page being rendered and once the Javascript libraries are all loaded, the sections are hidden. It is all visible to the user and you have to come up with all kinds of hacks to work around that issue. Therefore it would be greatly appreciated if it were possible to configure Tapestry so that users can choose to include the libraries in the head section again.

      Having the Javascript included in the head is the way most people are used to, so it would also make things easier for the average Tapestry user.


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