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module t5/core/messages and default locale



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    • Affects Version/s: 5.4, 5.4.1
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      In the js for module messages:

      var locale;
      locale = document.documentElement.getAttribute("data-locale") || "en";
      define("t5/core/messages", ["./messages/" + locale, ....

      If my webapp is not configured for locale "en" requirejs returns a 404 not found error because the "t5/core/messages/en" doesn´t exist and the page doesn´t load (it only shows the mask meanwhile all modules are loading). You will put the first locale configured into SymbolConstants.SUPPORTED_LOCALES as the documentation says.

      In fact, there is another bug but I don't found the point of code where it occurs. Yesterday a Google Chrome update force my locale to en_US (i'm spanish and my locales is es or es_ES) and when I enter on my webpage who load the messages module, the data-locale attribute was "en_US", but my webapp only have configured "es". I think there is a missing check between browser locale and locales supported. I have a webapp store and today any user can buy because the checkout page (with forms that require messages module) doesn´t load. I fix it with a workaound (threadLocale.setLocale(new Locale("es")) in the activate method of pages), but I think that it's a important bug because many websites as mine can be off.

      UPDATED: As I comment at the bottom, It was a fortuity that my Chrome locale was the same that the Java VM locale (en_US), so the main bug is in the default locale who returns ThreadLocaleImpl meanwhile LocalizationSetter is not called.


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