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Optimize String concatenation performance


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      During profiling I found that String.format provides much load on CPU.

      In many cases in Tapestry String.format can be easily replaced with simple String concatenation.

      Simple JMH (http://openjdk.java.net/projects/code-tools/jmh/) test

      public class FormatVsConcat {
          private static final String format = "This is a test string with %s";
          private static final String concat1 = "This is a test string with ";
          private static final String concat2 = "test word";
          public String format() {
              return String.format(format, concat2);
          public String concat() {
              return concat1 + concat2;

      shows, that concatenation is 366 times faster.

      I removed only hot places in tapestry and get following results with apache benchmark:

      Not patched tapestry version:
      Requests per second: 21.38 /sec (mean)
      Time per request: 46.764 [ms] (mean)

      Patched tapestry version:
      Requests per second: 27.77 /sec (mean)
      Time per request: 36.013 [ms] (mean)

      So we gained 10ms per request or 20% of rendering time.

      If you don't mind I would like to get rid of String.format in all places of Tapestry and provide patch. I fixed only hot places which appeared during ab-profiling of one concrete page. So it is very likely that not all hot places were found and fixed.


        1. 0001-TAP5-2332-get-rid-of-String.format-usage.patch
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          Michael Mikhulya
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          Jochen Kemnade
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          Jochen Kemnade
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          Jochen Kemnade
        5. 0001-TAP5-2332-Replace-String.format-call-by-simple-Strin.patch
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          Jochen Kemnade

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