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      We've just upgraded to 5.3.2 and checked out some of the new components.
      The Alerts seems pretty useful, but looks like it's only possible to pass on strings.

      I'm thinking a pretty common use-case would be to render some components/markup in it - like links.

      I experimented a little by manually rendering a block and pass that on to alertManager. Got some inspiration from this thread about rendering blocks -

      RenderCommand renderCommand = (RenderCommand)alertBlock;
      MarkupWriter markupWriter = new MarkupWriterImpl();
      RenderQueueImpl renderQueue = new RenderQueueImpl(log);
      That seems to work, but it's a bit clumsy and don't know if it's the recommended approach for rendering blocks. Does a convenience method exist for rendering blocks/components?

      Not sure if it's possible, but how about if one could pass blocks to alerts directly. That could be pretty flexible as well...

      ######REPLY FROM KALLE######
      Certainly the recommended approach is to use the provided render
      queue, rather than create your own - but obviously the current
      implementation doesn't always allow to do so. Completely agree with
      you that rendering links, and, in general, rendering blocks would be
      very useful for alerts. I don't see any major issue why it couldn't be
      supported. Please open an issue for it.




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