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Several Problems/BUGs on Tapestry 5 Tutorial



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      Hi there,

      im recently trying to learn tapestry5 from the ground up using the tutorial provided at http://tapestry.apache.org/using-beaneditform-to-create-user-forms.html .

      There i figgured (at least for me) some major Problems or Missing parts in the Tutorial that do pretty much BLOCK me from continuing since i cannot follow the tutorial from a certain point. I also added other suggestions to improve the tutorial or to point you devs onto the missing point. the order of the following ordered list is NOT IMPORTANT.

      basic projects starting using manualy installed maven and command line interface. cool thing! but whats next? Do i have to start any new tapestry project using the maven on command line now and import the thing into eclipse ?? what about "how to start a basic tapestry5 project from within eclipse?" ?? This point is completly missing in the tutorial. just a suggestion/feature request for the tutorial.

      major problem here/BLOCKER:
      A tutorial should be linear/continuisly. so that one point leads into the other, without breaks or missing stuff. I found a place where i miss at least several realy important things that BLOCKS me yet from continuing the tutorial.

      That is http://tapestry.apache.org/using-beaneditform-to-create-user-forms.html , especialy the section about "adding validation".

      If you play through the tutorial step by step like i did, you will get lost here!

      Some paragraph says: "Update the getter methods for the lastName,..." - but WHERE?? No mention anywhere. You know it? Good! I dont, and i got lost here. I "assumed" it may go into the address.java (struct style) class, but if you do it, it will FAIL, since there are other important things to know or to do first which are also NOT MENTIONED in the tutorial at this point. NEEDS ATTENTION.

      There seem to be even more ERRORS/MISTAKES in this tutorial. At http://tapestry.apache.org/using-tapestry-with-hibernate.html , there is mentioned a file


      which just DOES NOT MATCH the package path that is used in this tapestry5 tutorial! This may look easy to you, but for someone new like me which is all new to the whole java world will have trouble fixing this error.

      The correct tutorial packet path should be: src/main/java/com/example/tutorial1/entities/address.java i guess.

      PLease re-check by following the whole tutorial step by step, and you will run into these errors/blockings.

      Some apreciation: till here the tutorial is quite good and i love it! pls keep up the good work, complete/fix the tutorial and maybe even add some additional chapters.
      Hopefully my report/suggestion will find its way to the author/maker of the tutorial.

      Thanks n c u

      Axel Werner




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