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Tapestry-beanvalidator isn't validating nested DTO objects / Doesn't mark the invalid fields in the UI



      Tapestry-beanvalidator isn't validating nested objects correctly, the problem is that component parameters i.e. the TextField#value is only bound to the attribute itself but doesn't contain the full objectpath, so using a DTO like:

      class TestDTO {
      private String firstName;
      private EmbeddedObject embeddedObject;
      class EmbeddedObject {
      private String lastName;

      Using the TestDTO on a page in the following way:
      class MyPage{
      private TestDTO testDTO;

      @Component(parameters =


      private Form form;

      @Component(parameters =


      private TextField firstName;

      @Component(parameters =


      private TextField embeddedField;

      Submitting the form validates all the attributes correctly (also the embedded object validation error is listed in the t:errors component) but when it comes to BeanFieldValidator only lastName is on the Environment Stack in the BeanValidationContext. As TestDTO doesn't contain the property lastName and there's no objectpath available it doesn't traverse down the objects and can't assign the correct validation error.
      The outcome is that even the property is validated correctly, there's no red-frame (css error class) on the appropriate field in the UI.

      For reference: http://tapestry.1045711.n5.nabble.com/tapestry-beanvalidation-td4921787.html




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