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Nested Ajax calls result in a call to $T(null)



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      This used to work, now it doesn't, so this probably broke recently. I have a component that's a wrapper around a Grid to implement a list--> detail ajax update. So far so good, it works if it starts visible in a page.

      Then elsewhere, I re-use that component, but its hidden behind a button that shows the grid via a progressive display and Ajax.

      The grid appears, but the click on the grid gets a javascript error because its calling $T(null) so no details appear. This used to work. I asked on the list, and Howard said:

      "This sounds like a new bug, some kind of order-of-operations problem.
      Please add an issue."

      I also note that $T is supposed to be deprecated anyways.


      I have a component I'll call "EntityGrid". Basically, its wrapper around the Grid. When you click on an item in the GRid, a Zone gets refreshed displaying details about that item.


      <t:container xmlns:t="http://tapestry.apache.org/schema/tapestry_5_1_0.xsd" xmlns="tapestry:parameter">

      <t:zone t:id="popupZoneActivation">
      <table t:type="grid" t:source="activationSource" t:row="activation" t:id="grid" t:rowClass="prop:evenOdd.next" model="model" t:inPlace="true">
      <t:parameter name="uuidCell">
      <a t:type="eventlink" class="buttonPopup" t:zone="popupZoneActivation" t:context="activation.uuid" t:event="popup" href="#">${activation.uuid}</a>
      <p>There are no activation records to display. </p>
      <t:block id="activationDetails">
      <script> document.location.hash=""; document.location.hash="popupZoneActivation";</script>

      <div id="formsectionPopup">
      <span t:type="pace/view/ActivationViewShort" t:id="activationView" t:activation="detailActivation"></span>
      <span id="popupbuttons">
      <t:pagelink class="button" t:id="ViewActivationLink" page="pace/view/${detailActivation.class.simpleName}" context="detailActivation.uuid">View Detail</t:pagelink>
      <t:pace.schemaeditlink class="button" t:id="EditActivationLink" listSource="activationSource" label="literal:Edit" ourState="ourState" steps="literal:1" source="detailActivation"/>

      The above works at the top level in a page. Elsewhere, I have it behind a button (because fetching the grid might be slow):

      Hidden behind button TML:

      <hr />

      <t:zone t:id="popupZoneactivations">
      <a class="button" t:type="eventlink" t:zone="popupZoneactivations" t:context="literal:activations" t:event="showToMany">Show activations</a>
      <t:block id="activationsGridBlock">
      <t:progressivedisplay update="slidedown" initial="block:activationsProgress">
      <div class="progressivedisplay">
      <span class="text">activations has ${dright.activations.size()} items <br /></span>
      <span t:type="pace/grid/ActivationGrid" activationSource="dright.activations">Grid here</span>
      <t:block id="activationsProgress">
      <img class="loader" src="${context:img/ajax-loader.gif}" /> Loading activations

      The grid appears, but clicks in the grid run into the $T(null) error above.

      Looking at the XHR stuff that went back and forth in the latest version of Safari, it all looks ok, but as I said, it fails with $T(null).

      No custom Javascript.




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