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Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased 0.11.4
Unreleased 0.11.3
Unreleased 0.11.2
Released 0.11.1 bug fix release of 0.11.0
Unreleased 0.12.0
Unreleased 0.10.2 bug fix release of 0.10.x
Released 0.10.1 the first bug release of 0.10.0
Unreleased 0.11.0
Unreleased hbase_storage Tajo for HBase
Unreleased block_iteration row block iteration model of physical executors
Released 0.10.0 hbase storage and thin JDBC client
Unreleased index support
Released 0.8.1
Unreleased window function
Unreleased DAG-execplan-branch Modify the physical plan to the DAG form
Released 0.9.0 More SQL features and more stability
Released 0.8.0 More features and more SQL compatibility
Released 0.2-incubating First release as an Incubator project focused on ASF compliance