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Performance and NoSql database support

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      CRUD via the API and especially the search are very slow when you have e.g. 400.000 users with 30-40 normal attributes in place.

      JPA and relational databases are not the optimal solution for the performance sensitive problem of provisioning and Syncope's search query builder is a very complex/fragile piece of code.

      I am using Syncope 1.1.5 at the moment but I expect no miracles from 1.2.10 or 2.x with this amount of users and the same persistence solution.

      I am raising this ticket because I did not find performance related items planned in the Syncope roadmap.

      • Do you consider switching the persistence layer to a document store (e.g. MongoDB)? I think its schema-less nature would be ideal for storing flexible attributes and this way the row/document count explosion problem would be avoided by design.
      • Another possible performance improvement would be an async layer for the persistence and/or the REST API as well. Maybe using e.g. Redis or other publish-subscribe solution for this part?



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