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Implement a Collection of Integration Patterns for Synapse

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      Currently there's an ongoing effort to implement the concept of functions/templates for the Synapse configuration language (SYNAPSE-738). This provides a simple approach for implementing support for various enterprise integration patterns (EIP) in Synapse. One could implement a pattern as a function and then reuse it in various services and message flows in Synapse. To make most out of this, following action items need to be completed:

      1. Make it possible to define any Synapse component (sequences, services, endpoints, local entries) as a reusable function
      2. Implement a library of built-in integration patterns for Synapse (Some of the well known patterns are documented at http://www.eaipatterns.com - It would be great to support most of these in Synapse out of the box)

      1. Implement a library of identified set of built-in integration patterns using synapse templates and template libraries
      2. Sample and Test integration into Synapse for eip pattern libararies
      3. Improve Documentation around the eip pattern libararies


        1. SynapseLib_with_classloading.zip
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          Udayanga Wickramasinghe
        2. SimpleTestProxy.xml
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          Udayanga Wickramasinghe
        3. import1.xml
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          Udayanga Wickramasinghe
        4. EIP_SynapseLib_Initial.zip
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          Malith Dhanushka
        5. EIP_SynapseLib.zip
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          Malith Dhanushka
        6. SynapseEipLibSamples.patch
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          Malith Dhanushka
        7. EIPSamplesIntegration.patch
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          Malith Dhanushka
        8. EIPLibraryDocumentation.patch
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          Malith Dhanushka
        9. SYNAPSE-745-eiplibcore.zip
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          Malith Dhanushka


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