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revamp mod_dav pool usage



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      Quoting from my mail to the dev list:
      > Trying to help someone on IRC today, I imported the linux kernel source into a
      > repository.  I then tried to check it out over dav and had problems.  After
      > watching for a while, I noticed that whenever the checkout started a new
      > directory it would stop for quite a while, and the httpd memory usage would
      > grow.  I soon found out that my svn client would time out before getting a
      > PROPFIND request back for the include/linux directory of the kernel sources.
      > The reason for this is that my machine starts thrashing, because the httpd
      > process trying to do the propfind grows huge (680MB before I killed it).(Note
      > by contrast that opening the directory in w3m took about 2 seconds, and I
      > didn't notice httpd's memory usage.
      > Tracing into this I found that mod_dav opens and closes it's internal prop
      > database for every resource found.  I don't claim to know enough about the
      > internal workings of mod_dav to fix it, but thought I would post it here to
      > get gstein's attention when he gets back.
      Also note that it is not the call to svn_fs_dir_entries that is the problem
      since dav_svn_deliver has the same call, but not the same problems.  Sander
      thinks it may be the recursive loop just below (we're talking
      mod_dav_svn/repos.c:1963).  He's testing a fix right now, so hopefully this
      issue will be quickly closed.

      Original issue reported by kevin


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