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Subversion project-owned URLs (Wiki migration follow-up)



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      Following migration of Subversion wiki from MoinMoin to Confluence, we have three URL forms:

      • Moin Moin URLs (obsolete): wiki.apache.org/subversion/PageName
      • Confluence URLs: cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/SVN/PageName
      • Project-owned URLs: subversion.apache.org/wiki/PageName

      It would be good to use project-owned URLs for our resources, to protect against future URL invalidation caused by each new technology dictating its own URL (arbitrary, from our point of view) for our resources.

      We already have, in our .htaccess file, a redirect from project-owned URLs to the Confluence URLs. However, it's only a forward redirect; after following it, the user is then shown the page and all its outgoing links using the Confluence URLs.

      We should, with infra's help where necessary:

      1. Set up a redirection from the old Moin Moin URLs to the project-owned URLs (because existing immutable resources, such as external web sites and old source code, continue pointing to old URLs).
      2. Reconfigure Confluence to use the project-owned URL prefix.
      3. Update existing links in all modifiable resources (web pages, source code, issues, wiki) to refer to project-owned URLs.

      (The same principle should be applied to our other resources too: issues, IRC logs, mail archives, etc.)




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