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Fix svnrdump to handle subtree references


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Major
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.8.16, 1.9.5
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      Create a repository with this history:

      <<< Started new transaction, based on original revision 1
           * adding path : A ... done.
           * adding path : A/AA ... done.
           * adding path : A/AA/a.txt ... done.
           * adding path : A/AA/b.txt ... done.
      ------- Committed revision 1 >>>
      <<< Started new transaction, based on original revision 2
           * adding path : B ...COPIED... done.
           * deleting path : B/AA/a.txt ... done.
      ------- Committed revision 2 >>>
      <<< Started new transaction, based on original revision 3
           * adding path : B/Trunk ... done.
           * adding path : B/Trunk/AA ...COPIED... done.
      ------- Committed revision 3 >>>


      1. Add following files into an empty repo. 
         A /A
         A /A/AA
         A /A/AA/a.txt
         A /A/AA/b.txt
      2. Svn copy folder A to folder B, and then delete /B/AA/a.txt
         A /B (from /A:1)
         D /B/AA/a.txt
      3. Copy folder B/AA to folder B/Trunk/AA
         A /B/Trunk
         A /B/Trunk/AA (from /B/AA:2)

      Attempt to: "svnrdump dump file:///tmp/test/B/Trunk > Trunk.dump
      It fails with: "svnrdump: E160013: File not found: revision 2, path '/B/AA/a.txt'"

      Per Julian Foad:

      This is dumping a subtree of the repo (/B/Trunk), and r2 was not dumped because it doesn't touch the subtree, and it fails on r3 corresponding to step 3. This feature (dump a subtree) is not possible with 'svnadmin dump'.

      So the bug is that svnrdump doesn't know how to handle a copy source that's outside the subtree being dumped.

      That's rather poor. I believe the desired behaviour would be to replace the 'copy' with a full 'add', and I believe that behaviour is implemented somewhere else – is it in svndumpfilter and/or svnsync?


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