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svn_load_dirs.pl fails when updating binary files due to changed behavior of svn propget

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    • Bug
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    • 1.9.3
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    • Commandline Client from TortoiseSVN Windows Client Distribution
      svn --version --> svn, version 1.9.3 (r1718519) compiled Dec 13 2015, 15:47:16 on x86-microsoft-windows
      TortoiseSVN 1.9.3, Build 27038 - 64 Bit , 2015/12/13 11:53:16


      When svn_load_dirs.pl encounters an update on a binary file having no svn:eol-style property (e.g. an Excel file), it fails with the following error output:

      Running svn propget svn:eol-style vorlagen/Vorlage_BerichtAKL.xlsm@BASE
      svn: warning: W200017: Property 'svn:eol-style' not found on 'vorlagen/Vorlage_BerichtAKL.xlsm@BASE'
      svn: E200000: A problem occurred; see other errors for details
      svn_load_dirs.pl: svn propget svn:eol-style vorlagen/Vorlage_BerichtAKL.xlsm@BASE failed with this output:

      The cause of this error seems to be the changed behavior of the svn propget command for a non-existent property, as discussed in SVN-4505. While the svn_load_dirs.pl script expects an empty output in this case (which was the behavior up to Subversion 1.8), the new error message from svn propget introduced with Subversion 1.9 causes the whole script to abort.

      svn_load_dirs.pl should be modified to either handle the error message or to first check the existence of the svn:eol-style property with svn proplist.


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