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    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.x
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      ***Short version:

      I installed Subversion 1.9 on my server, and my Subclipse client using JavaHL in Eclipse 4.5 suddenly got this error when I tried to look at the history of a file:

          org.apache.subversion.javahl.ClientException: RA layer request failed
          svn: Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'https://svn.example.com/trunk/src/main/java/com/example/FooBar.java'
          svn: Unexpected HTTP status 500 'Internal Server Error' on '/trunk/src/main/java/com/example/FooBart.java'
          APR does not understand this error code
          svn: Additional errors:
          svn: Item index 5460 too large in revision 1925

      I reinstalled Subversion 1.8, and this error went away.

      ***Long version

      1. Subversion 1.9 is out. Yay! I decided to upgrade right away.
      2. I tried to download and build the tarball, but now Subversion requires Python 2.7, which is quite hard to get on CentOS 6.4, because it conflicts with yum, etc. So I guess I'll skip running tests.
      3. Alas Subversion 1.9 requires a higher version of Serf than I get with CentOS 6.4, so I decide to build it myself. It requires oodles of configuration using something called scons, and when I try to test the build, it fails. So I guess
        my brand new Subversion 1.9 won't have HTTP(S) support, either. But at least I'll have an extra-efficient repository on the server... right?
      4. So Subversion 1.9 is now running on to the server. I go to my main repository (which I've been maintaining since around the time of the first public release of Subversion 1.0) and do a dump. Then I do a load. Oh... Subversion tells me
        that it won't do a reload because some of my super-old (decades-old?) svn:log entries don't have canonical EOLs (probably some old client put a few CRLFs in). (So svnadmin, why don't you fix it for me? Is it really so hard?)
      5. Because I had (foolishly) deleted my original repository after dumping (what was I thinking?) I had to use the --bypass-prop-validation switch just to get a repository back. But how to get rid of all those bad EOLs? I came up with an elaborate dance using svnsync (because apparently it is smarter than svnadmin and can normalize EOLs). You can read the gory details here:
      6. Of course the new repository has the wrong UUID, so I had to use svnadmin setuuid to make my clients recognize it.
      7. Then I tried to see the history of a file on my client, which is Subclipse on Eclipse 4.5 using JavaHL. (Subversion 1.8 clients can work with Subversion 1.9 servers, right?) That's when I get that long error I showed above.
      8. Thinking that this stemmed from my elaborate dance using svnsync, I went to the server and switched back to the repository I had loaded using --bypass-prop-validation. Nope, same error.
      9. Crossing my fingers, I downloaded the latest Subversion 1.8 series and installed it. I re-loaded the svnsync version of my repository (the one with normalized EOLs). Suddenly my Eclipse 4.5 with Subclipse and JavaHL are working again.

      Now that it's working I'm not touching anything until I get this all converted to Git. I must have been crazy to try to upgrade to Subversion 1.9 so soon...

      Original issue reported by garretwilson


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