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svn export does not announce fetching of externals



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      The below problem was (without the nested externals) posted and approved as bug on the users-mailinglist:
      When I export something which contains externals, subversion only prints “Exported revision X” after fetching an external, in contrast to a checkout, where you get an 
      announcement before fetching an external starts and where the message after fetching an external also explicitly states that an external was fetched. Additionally, 
      checkout does not handle *nested* externals correctly: As soon as one external is finished, the is_internal flag is reset to false and thus an external which has 
      nested externals will use the normal (non-external) log message upon completion.
      Imagine a trivial repository with just an empty folder hierarchy "Parent/Child/Grandchild" and two externals:
      In /:       ^/Parent       ExternalDir
      In /Parent: ^/Parent/Child ExternalChild
      Then, I get the following logs for checkout and export:
      A    TestRepo_CO2\Parent
      A    TestRepo_CO2\Parent\Child
      A    TestRepo_CO2\Parent\Child\Grandchild
       U   TestRepo_CO2
      Fetching external item into 'TestRepo_CO2\ExternalDir':
      A    TestRepo_CO2\ExternalDir\Child
      A    TestRepo_CO2\ExternalDir\Child\Grandchild
       U   TestRepo_CO2\ExternalDir
      Fetching external item into 'TestRepo_CO2\ExternalDir\ExternalChild':
      A    TestRepo_CO2\ExternalDir\ExternalChild\Grandchild
      Checked out external at revision 2.
      Checked out revision 2.
      Fetching external item into 'TestRepo_CO2\Parent\ExternalChild':
      A    TestRepo_CO2\Parent\ExternalChild\Grandchild
      Checked out external at revision 2.
      Checked out revision 2.
      A    TestRepo_Export
      A    TestRepo_Export\Parent
      A    TestRepo_Export\Parent\Child
      A    TestRepo_Export\Parent\Child\Grandchild
      A    TestRepo_Export\Parent\ExternalChild
      A    TestRepo_Export\Parent\ExternalChild\Grandchild
      Exported revision 2.
      A    TestRepo_Export\ExternalDir
      A    TestRepo_Export\ExternalDir\Child
      A    TestRepo_Export\ExternalDir\Child\Grandchild
      A    TestRepo_Export\ExternalDir\ExternalChild
      A    TestRepo_Export\ExternalDir\ExternalChild\Grandchild
      Exported revision 2.
      Exported revision 2.
      Exported revision 2.

      Original issue reported by mschmidt


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