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Allow deletion of files locked in the working copy



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      Priority: Probably low. But since it is the cause of many questions I have from 
      users that make excessive use of svn:needs-lock (and therefore of the locking 
      mechanism) I thought I'd better Report it.
      How to reproduce:
      svn lock <filename>
      svn delete <filename>
      svn commit <filename> - m "Test"
      What happens: 
      svn complains that no lock token is available
      What was to be expected?
       - If I have locked a file myself - I should own write rights to it right now 
      and should be able to delete it, too.
       - and of course svn should delete the lock along with the file.
       - If the user who is trying to delete a locked file doesn't own the lock 
      deletion should fail, instead.
      It even feels Logical to the casual user to first lock the file so nobody else 
      can work on it while it is being deleted - and then to delete it.
      svn will prevent this race condition from Happening.  
      Is this really a bug?
      Probably not: The user is doing something that may be against the idea of 
      locking. But since the thing the user is doing still feels Logical and allowing 
      a user to delete that are locked in his working copy isn't suppose to break 
      anything it is at least worth a Feature request.

      Original issue reported by gunterkoenigsmann




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