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FSFS handling of partially aborted transactions



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      The FS API provides two ways to remove a transaction: svn_fs_abort_txn and
      svn_fs_purge_txn.  The BDB implementation of abort first marks the txn as "dead"
      and then purges the dead txn.  The reason for this two stage approach is that
      purge involves several steps and so may fail, or be interrupted, part way
      through.  Marking the txn dead prevents svn_fs_open_txn from opening the txn
      which means that a partially purged txn can only be purged and not used for any
      other operation.
      FSFS also implements abort and purge but doesn't have the dead state, instead
      abort simply removes the transaction. This means that a partially aborted
      transaction may still be present on disk.  Depending on which files have been
      removed it may still be possible to svn_fs_open_txn the transaction even though
      it is incomplete.  Or it may not be possible to open the transaction which will
      prevent another abort from finishing the removal.
      "svnadmin rmtxns" uses abort to delete transactions, if that fails with
      SVN_ERR_FS_TRANSACTION_DEAD if falls back on purge.  Since FSFS never returns
      "dead" svnadmin never calls purge on FSFS transactions.  This means there is no
      way for the admin to delete partially deleted transactions.




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