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add repository root url and uuid to saved auth data



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      First reported here:
      Filing an issue so this won't get lost:

      Currently if the user want to have the auth data saved, it is saved in subversion\auth\svn.simple (or another subfolder). But it is saved with the auth realm string. Of course that's the right way to do it, but I would like to have other info saved as well, like the repo root url and/or the repository uuid. And then some APIs that allow me to list the saved auth data, delete a specific file, retrieve the login username (not the password, for obvious reasons).

      Use cases: users often want to login with a different username for a repository because they're using someone elses workstation/laptop for a day or two or they use a shared workstation but still want each commit assigned to the correct user (ugly, but happens more often than you might think). Right now there's no way to find out which saved auth file
      corresponds to a specific repository. So either users have to delete all the saved auth data for all repositories, or open each file in a text editor and then guess from the realm string which is the right file. If the repo root url was saved as well, I could do this in TSVN and show the user a list of repositories and have him chose the one to clear the auth data for.

      Another use case: retrieving the saved username would be useful for e.g. the integration with issue trackers. Usually the username is the same for the repository and the issue tracker (most setups work that way). Currently there's no way to filter the list of issues by username automatically for the issue tracker plugins because a username is not available. Using the repo root url or repo uuid which can be read from a working copy, I could then read out the saved username and provide that to the issue tracker plugins so they can filter for this username by default and reduce the list of open issues to that user.




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