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svnadmin hangs when creating Berkeley repository on NTFS-3G partition

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    • Bug
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    • 1.5.x
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    • Linux


      How to reproduce: in a directory on a partition
      mounted using the NTFS-3G driver, run:
      svnadmin create --fs-type bdb repos
      Expected result: svnadmin succeeds.
      Actual result: svnadmin hangs, with CPU usage 100%.
      I had this bug on openSuse 11.0, with the subversion 1.5.2,
      ntfs-3g 1.5012, fuse 2.7.2-32.1 and kernel
      for an analysis by Szabolcs Szakacsits. He says that the bug
      does not appear with a 2.6.26 kernel, but the bug is present
      with a 2.6.25 kernel for all FUSE file systems that use high-level
      FUSE API. 
      There is no special reason why one should prefer NTFS over e.g.
      ext3 for the location of the repository (it was said in the SVN user
      mailing list that one should not rely on the repository format being
      compatible between Windows and Linux). But on the other hand, why
      should one prefer ext3 over NTFS? (This is how I encountered this
      bug: I was actually trying to create a test case for another SVN
      bug, I happened to be using Linux and my working directory happened
      to be on an NTFS partition).
      Such bugs are annoying when they turn out unexpectedly, so although
      there are workarounds like not using NTFS or upgrading to 2.6.26
      kernel, I hope this bug will be fixed.


      Original issue reported by jaanvajakas



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