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'svnadmin dump' should allow dumping config, locks and hooks

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      'svnadmin dump' may be expected to backup the whole repository (even the first
      example on 'svnadmin dump' in the svnbook says "Dump your whole repository").
      However, important configuration that can be seen as a vital part of the
      repository (e.g. since it is in the repository's db/ folder) is left behind by
      'svnadmin dump'.
      Add the following to a dump produced by 'svnadmin dump', and restore when using
      'svnadmin load':
       - the config files found within the repository
       - lock files
       - hook scripts
      'svnadmin dump' can be asked to dump only selected revision ranges. In that
      case, the notion of "having the whole repository in backup" is lost entirely.
      Ways to accomodate:
      Provide a commandline option --complete that also dumps config, locks and hooks.
      If it makes sense, turn this option on by default when no revision selection
      options are passed to 'svnadmin dump', and off otherwise. Consider the binary
      representation of the new data in the dump optional, so that 'svnadmin load'
      understands both formats with or without additional config, locks and hooks.
      'svnadmin load' should ask whether to overwrite existing config etc., if
      Maybe also provide separate --dump-config --dump-locks and --dump-hooks options
      for 'svnadmin dump', and --no-config --no-locks and --no-hooks for 'svnadmin
      load' ...
      (Originally suggested by stsp, tweaked by me.)

      Original issue reported by neels



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