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svnadmin should refuse to create nested repositories

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      WWhen accessing a repository with a nested sub-repository, subversion
      behaves very strangely and breaks external tools (e.g. mercurial
      convert). It may also cause data loss (or at least cause data to be
      difficult to access without manual repository repair).
      I think the root failure is that svnadmin will create a nested
      sub-repository. I can think of several reasons why this is a bad
      thing, and no reasons why it might be desirable. Therefore, I would
      like to suggest svnadmin should refuse to create a repository within
      an existing repository.
      Here is an example set of commands which lead to the bad situation. A
      very similar situation occurred on an installation I maintained, and
      it was messy to clean up. In the end I had to lose the history, since
      merging the long histories of the multiple repositories would have
      been a lot of work.
       1. $ svn --version
          svn, version 1.4.6 (r28521) compiled Mar 11 2008, 08:26:35
       2. $ svnadmin create /path/to/repo
       3. $ svn mkdir file:///path/to/repo/foo
          Committed revision 1.
       4. $ svnadmin create /path/to/repo/foo
       5. $ svn ls -r1 file:///path/to/repo
       6. $  svn ls -r1 file:///path/to/repo/foo
          svn: No such revision 1
      The problem occurs because the URL file:///path/to/repo/foo may refer
      to two different locations:
       a) Directory foo in the repository at file:///path/to/repo or
       b) Directory / in the repository at file:///path/to/repo/foo
      Line 5 indicates and example of subversion doing (a) and line 6 is it
      doing (b). If it is possible to create files in one nested repository
      which "shadow" the parent repository files, then one version will be
      inaccessible, and effectively lost.
      Further discussion can be found in this mailing list thread:


      Original issue reported by sjmurdoch



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