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      I've heard many times in recent weeks from enterprise-class consumers of
      Subversion who are bothered about the lack of file-level reporting.  Certainly
      Subversion's current mod_dav_svn operational logging leaves much to be desired
      for the security-concerned administrator who would like just a little more
      detail about what exact files were downloaded via Subversion than a one-liner
      "user foo did a checkout or export or update of /trunk", especially if they are
      employing path-based authorization.
      This isn't a problem for clients using ra_serf, which always asks for an update
      skelta and then fetches files with individual GET requests.  But while ra_neon
      used to behave this way, it no longer does by default, and you can't exactly
      force clients to use ra_serf in a way that isn't bypassable (User-agent
      spoofing, e.g.).
      So, how about a new mod_dav_svn directive when tells mod_dav_svn to flatly
      ignore requests for a send-all style update REPORT, and always reply with a
      skelta.  Ra_serf won't mind; ra_neon has fallback compatibility code that should
      be able to cope, too.  And administrators will get per-file GET request logging
      to ease the region of their minds that frets over security matters.


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