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fix test failures caused by init behavior change in r22788; improve init logic



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      This patch fixes bugs caused by r23052 and r22788 which caused tests to fail. 
      r23052 added "--force" to some commands and didn't add it to the tests that
      check for commands.  The changes to address r22788, a good idea that was just
      incomplete, are more interesting.  r22788 was intended to improve "svnmerge
      init" default values for the revision range.  The patch changes how it
      calculates those default values, and related tests.  
      This seems likely to be committed.  Dustin Mitchell said "I'm happy to commit
      this patch as it stands, and since Luke is working on patches that are probably
      of higher value, I'll write some additional tests for the new behavior and
      submit them to teh list for review.  I won't commit Luke's patch immediately, so
      please speak up if you have objections."
      Related discussion: http://www.orcaware.com/pipermail/svnmerge/2007-July/000953.html

      Original issue reported by lacall


        1. 1_revise-2nd-r22788-and-tests.patch
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        2. 2_fix-r22788.patch
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        3. 3_svnmerge-automateTrunkToBranchInitScenario.patch
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        4. 4_usePulldomNotXml.patch
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        5. 5_addErrCheckingToPulldomUsage.patch
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        6. 6_furtherInitLogicFixesAsBegunByr22788.patch
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        7. 7_addNullreturnsToPulldomUsage.patch
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        8. 8_renameParametersToActionInit.patch
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        9. 9_furtherInitLogicFixesAsBegunByr22788-take3-unifiedFormat.patch
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        10. 10_furtherInitLogicFixesAsBegunByr22788-take3-contextFormat.patch
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        11. 11_furtherInitLogicFixesAsBegunByr22788-take4-contextFormat.patch
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