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--revision PREVX enhancement wish




      [I wish there were a better mechanism for specifying a file for
      example "two changes ago".  I have emacs macros that make it very easy
      to do "diff between workfile/repository-version and X changes ago". 
      For example I have "M-2 M-v M-=" to compare the workfile to the file 2
      changes ago.  This only works in cvs by assuming that version numbers
      are strictly increasing by 1 (which is almost always true in cvs). 
      Subversion's PREV revision keyword is useful for comparing to _1_
      change ago but not any other.  To compare to 2 changes ago you have to
      look at the log output for the previous change's revision number,
      requiring much more than 4 keystrokes (in my setup) and much more
      brain processing power by user.]
      So I wish there were a way to specify "X changes ago" to the
      --revision switch.  The PREV and COMMITTED revision keywords already
      exist which consider individual files rather than the repository as a
      whole.  Maybe "PREV2", "PREV3" tags, etc if that isn't too ugly a
      kludge or some new syntax like "-2", i.e. "svn diff -1:HEAD foo.c"
      equivalent to PREV:HEAD and also allowing e.g. "svn diff -2:1234
      foo.c" comparing the file at revision 1234 and two changes before
      that.  Maybe I'm thinking too cvs/rcs-ish but even in a project it is
      useful to think about a file as a unit when you can easily check
      successive changes in the file's history.  It would simply be a
      shortcut to having to check svn log.

      Original issue reported by quarl


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