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Aggregate report is empty for multi-module project


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.7.1
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      Maven 3.0.1, Site 3.0-beta-3, Windows XP SP3


      The parent project has a site configuration with an aggregated surefire report and inherited set to false. The child module has one test.

      Problem: "mvn clean; mvn site-deploy" creates a surefire report with zero tests. With 2.7.2-SNAPSHOT as of today the problem is the same.

      Why does the surefire report plugin not immediately descend to the child modules, compile and test them while executing the aggregate report for the parent module?

      The problem seems to be that the aggregate surefire report for the parent is generated but the surefire plugin doesn't run the tests for the child modules before. So the aggregate surefire report doesn't find any surefire test results for the child modules.

      If I run "mvn clean test; mvn site-deploy", the resulting aggregate surefire report is correct. The reason is probably that the site-deploy collects the surefire results for the child modules from the previous run.

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