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Allow Custom Configuration of The Standard Classpath in Jigsaw-based Projects



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Not A Problem
    • Affects Version/s: 2.22.0, 2.22.1, 3.0.0-M2, 3.0.0-M1, 3.0.0-M3
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Maven Surefire Plugin
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    • Environment:
      Java runtime: OpenJDK Runtime Environment 18.9 (build 11.0.2+9)
      OS: Windows 7
      Maven: v3.6.0
      SureFire Plugin: v3.0.0-M3


      The SureFire plugin's inability to apply additionalClasspathElements configs in Jigsaw projects, makes it inconvenient to comply with classpath scanning features of frameworks like JAX-RS.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Prerequisite: JDK 11 Installed and set in JAVA_HOME

      1. Run the following Maven archetype command in a terminal:

      mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeArtifactId=jersey-quickstart-grizzly2 -DarchetypeGroupId=org.glassfish.jersey.archetypes -DinteractiveMode=false -DgroupId=eg.surefire.jdk11 -DartifactId=jersey.simple.service -Dpackage=eg.surefire.jdk11.jersey -DarchetypeVersion=2.28

      2. Run mvn test to establish that the newly-created project compiles and runs successfully

      3. Add a module-info.java file to ${basedir}/src/main/java/

      • add the appropriate requires and exports statements

      4. Add a plugin block for the maven-surefire-plugin into the pom.xml

      • configure an additionalClasspathElements block for the plugin
      • add ${basedir}/target/classes as the value

      5. In a terminal, run mvn test again after editing pom.xml

      Expected Result

      1. The JAX-RS ResourceConfig component should have found the annotated MyResource implementation in the target/classes folder and initialized the service successfully
      2. The MyResourceTest should PASS

      Actual Result

      1. SureFire does not add the additionalClaspathElements to the classpath as configured
      2. The ResourceConfig bean cannot find the annotated JAX-RS resource implementation because the target/classes folder was not included in the classpath
      3. The MyResourceTest fails with a 404 Not Found because the JAX-RS-annotated MyResource implementation was not found; even though it is in fact located in target/classes — where it is expected to be found in a standard JEE component scan


      When the SureFire plugin detects that it's running in a Jigsaw-based (JDK 9+) project, it constructs and uses a test modulepath in addition to a test classpath.

      Under non-Jigsaw JDKs older than JDK 9, SureFire puts the project's target/classes folder in the standard classpath.

      But running in a Jigsaw JDK, along with adding the target/test-classes folder to test modulepath, SureFire also adds the project's target/classes folder to the test modulepath. SureFire does, however, include several test scoped dependencies in the standard Classpath (JUnit, Hamcrest, etc.). But it excludes from that Classpath set, target/classes; even ignoring explicit configurations to include it.

      The Problem

      The target/classes folder is not added to the classpath when SureFire's running a Jigsaw project.

      The problem is that things like JAX-RS's ResourceConfig and the like — things that scan the classpath for annotated implementations — can no longer find those annotated classes it expects to find in the standard classpath.

      So if a test class exercises a JAX-RS-annotated resource implementation that is in a Jigsaw module, ResourceConfig is S.O.L. because SureFire has removed the annotated implementation from the standard classpath.


      surefire.eg.zip contains a JDK 11-based Maven project configured as described above. Running it through Maven (with the included pom.xml) will result in the unwanted 404 Not Found.

      I worked around SureFire's inability to add the additional classpath configuration, by configuring the maven-resource-plugin to copy the contents of target/classes to target/test-classes.

      Running mvn -f lmx.mop test results in MyResourceTest successfully finding the MyResource class in target/test-classes. The test passes as a result.

      That is the simplest way that I am aware of, at the moment, to get the annotated JAX-RS MyResource class into the classpath so that the test successfully finds it and passes.

      It would be ideal to not have to resort to that kind of a hack.


      Shouldn't it be possible to simply configure SureFire to acknowledge a developer-specified classpath?


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