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running tests when application is a java9 module seems to be broken



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.22.0
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    • Component/s: process forking
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      I tried to modularize my library. I turned it into a named module. Some of my dependencies are modules, however most of them are not, so I wanted to use them as automatic modules.

      However, it seems that for some reason, surefire puts quite a lot of things including many of automatic modules in the classpath instead of module path. Even worse, slf4j-simple-1.8.0-beta2, that is in test classpath and not directly required by my module, is also put in classpath, even though it is a named module!

      Also, as can be seen in attached logs, my tests try to instantiate a jaxb context, however it fails because jaxb implementation, put by surefire in classpath (unnamed module) cannot access the model package, even though the package in my library is opened to java.bind. Not sure if it would currently work if I somehow forced jaxb impls to go on modulepath, however it seems putting those deps in classpath may interfere with test results. adding --add-opens to open all library packages to all unnamed modules is not an option for this exact reason, because it doesn't verify if module is properly configured, correctly opening the package to java.xml.bind module.


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